Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gotham City Sirens

This past weekend was PMX (Pacific Media Expo) in Los Angeles and Saturday, Constantine, Steffy, Lon, myself and a few photographers headed to the Old Zoo in Griffith Park for a photo shoot.  This is what happened next:


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The most amazing picture of Merida you will ever see

Hello darlings,

So I did a photoshoot in the woods recently with the amazing Jonathon D. Courtot so I could get some quality shots of my Merida cosplay to share with you guys.  There are some AMAZING shots coming, but I have one here that deserves special mention.

Our location featured a small waterfall (a rare find in Los Angeles) and for our last shot of the day, we waded into the lake to stand below it and Jon, genius that he is, framed it to include the top of the waterfall, thinking we could do something interesting with it later.  And so, I picked out my favorites and sent them to the ever-remarkable Alex Rothauser for retouching and he came back with this:

Alex added the bear and will-o-the-wisps in addition to color correcting the whole thing to make it beautiful and as close to the movie as possible.  Alex and Jon are amazing and I cannot thank them enough for making this happen.

Stay tuned for more recent photoshoots and check out my YouTube channel for new videos.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Up-Close and Personal with Merida (Brave)

Seeing as how EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER wants to be Merida for Halloween this year (which I think is totally the greatest thing ever btw), I wanted to toss out an up-close look at how I made my Merida costume.  As always, feel free to comment, email or tweet me any questions on the process.

Also, check out my Etsy listing for your own custom Merida costume including under dress, over dress, belt and free goodies! (I also offer special orders for the full dress and wig set)

I'm going to start this breakdown with a bit of a rant.  Anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me personally has heard this already, but I want to reiterate it for those of you who have not yet made the mistake:


I apologize if it comes off harsh, but there are a frightening number of people out there who are still convinced that her archery/lounge dress is green and it most definitely is not.

To those who may wish to argue this with me, here's how I know it's blue:

1)  Observe the following still from the film:

that sure looks like blue to me, you?

2)  Observe the following character doll approved and released by Disney:

I'm pretty sure Disney's been doing this long enough to not release a doll with the wrong color dress...

3)  At the Comic-Con 2012 Brave panel, an audience member asked the panel of creators what color Merida's archery dress is.  Their answer?  Navy Blue.

I will acknowledge to a slight green tint in a few photos, but her dress is most definitely NOT forest green like it is being depicted by so many cosplayers.  PLEASE, COSPLAYERS, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!


Now that that's out of my system, on to the breakdown:

I started with the under dress.  I've seen a number of people create Merida's dress as one solid piece, which doesn't look terrible, but I like to strive for accuracy and since you can see that she has 2 separate layers on in many shots, I decided to do it a little different.

For the "bodice" part of the dress, I used the Under Dress A pattern from Simplicity 2573:

BUT, I replaced the sleeves of the dress with the B/C/D sleeves from Butterick B5008:

Merida's under dress has ruffles on the sleeve cuffs and neckline

I sewed the dress as instructed minus the neckline ruffles.  Then I sewed the sleeves with two alterations: I closed the wrist cuff so it made a small tube, leaving a space open for elastic and I folded the ruffles in half because the pattern calls for them to be too long.

Next I added the sleeves to the dress.  Once everything was lined up, I cut the sleeves to fit the shape of the dress and added the neckline ruffles and elastic:

Once that was complete, I moved on to the over dress.  For this, I used Butterick B4827:

For this part, I started by basically just following the pattern, except I left the sleeves off and closed up the sleeve edges:

I also added a little block to the middle of the upper edge lining in preparation for the opening later.

For the sleeves, I sewed them together so they fit and then lined out where I wanted to cut them.  I cut both sleeves into two pieces and used the sections I had cut out to make the little straps between the sleeve sections.

I attached those to the sleeve opening on the dress and cut the opening in the front:

In the film, Merida has lacing holding the opening in the front closed, so I poked a few holes and strung a little extra leather lacing through:

The belt was very easy.  I used the belt pattern included in Butterick B4827 with a brown faux leather.  Once the belt was sewed and clasps attached, I overstitched the edges with about 5 strands of a very dark brown thread to create the look from the movie.

The final step was to style my wig.  For my costume, I curled a straight orange wig I bought off eBay.  Stay tuned for that tutorial.

For shoes, I purchased a pair of brown leather flats from Payless and wore a pair of white stockings.  In some images, Merida's shoes look like flats and in others they look like boots, but they are definitely brown leather and she wears white stockings under her dress.

Hope y'all find this helpful!  Feel free to ask questions or send me pics of your version! :)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HOOO!!!!!

I'll be honest, I never really watched Thundercats til I was older.  There was too much guy happening on it for little me to stay interested.  But when my friend Constantine approached me with a request to cosplay Thundercats together, there was only one answer: OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!

A few weeks later, we found out about PowerCon/ThunderCon in Torrance, CA and the plan began to form.  Constantine had always wanted to cosplay Cheetara and I fell madly in love with Pumyra:

Since a lot of people aren't super familiar with Pumyra, I'll do a "Who Is" post in the near future, but for now, you just need to know she's awesome and her design is fabulous and I love her.

That being said, enjoy the following AMAZING photoshoot from our trip to ThunderCon last weekend.  (more to come soon)

Photography: Jonathon D. Courtot (fountains and field)
                      Shawn Bean (field)
Retouching:   Eric Swartz

To see more of Constantine's Cheetara costume, visit her blog at

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Monday, September 24, 2012


I am SOOO sorry and apologize PROFUSELY for neglecting my blog.  Things have been INSANE lately with so many conventions and a new endeavor with my new bestie Constantine.

I have a list of blogs I owe you darlings and I will be writing them in the speediest rush possible.

Stay tuned and thank you for all your support!


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Who is Princess Merida?

I'll try not to ruin the movie for those that haven't seen it yet, but I do want to do a rundown of who Merida is for those attempting to cosplay her.

Merida is the headstrong protagonist of the feature film Brave released by Disney/Pixar in the summer of 2012.

Merida was born to royalty in the highlands of Scotland and was forced to adopt certain responsibilities and expectations as part of her upbringing.

From a young age, Merida tried to fight the role she was expected to fill.  She related much more to her brave, daring father than to her prim and proper mother, relishing the days when she was able to run free from the confines of the castle instead of learning to be a lady and future queen with her mother.

Merida is very much a free spirit and her character is reflected in every detail of her design from her wild, fiery red hair to her comfortable leather boots.  She's happiest on the back of her Clydesdale Angus, firing her bow into the distance and despises being forced to sit still.

Merida's one downfall is also the thing that makes her amazing; her free spirit.  She is so desperate to be free that it blinds her and leads to a life-changing event that threatens the safety and stability of not just her family, but the entire kingdom.

Merida is stubborn, hard-headed and determined.  She'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants and damn the consequences, but she's also able to begrudgingly learn a lesson, apologize for her mistakes and will do everything in her power to protect her family when the time comes.

Merida is the role model every little girl needs and the headstrong little brat in all of us.  She's the best and worst of every woman and someone we can all relate to.  To those out there cosplaying her, please keep this all in mind and help show the world that there's good and bad in all of us and we all have to learn from our mistakes and that's what makes us all human.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Deal with Donations

So now that I've run one fundraiser, I figured I'd shoot off a post about donations.

The button you see to your right is always there and I accept donations at any time, though I will post fundraisers for specific cosplays as well.

I want to make this worth your while besides just getting to see a new cosplay, so I've created donation rewards:

Donate ANYTHING and you will get a download of the full size, high quality wallpaper "Shades of Angi" showcasing my many sides:

Eventually I'll have multiple wallpapers so you're not receiving the same thing over and over again
Donate $5 or more and you'll get a random 4x6 from one of the photosets that make up the wallpaper (The Diva, The Punk, The Nerd) - specify address when you send donation

Donate $10 or more and you'll get an 8x10 of the finished costume (or costume of your choice) OR an 8x10 from one of the "Shades of Angi" photosets - specify address AND photo preference

Thank you everyone for your support.  You make all the stress and madness worthwhile.


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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Super Special Announcement!

I'm going to Comic-Con!

I know that's not so big a deal being that I'm a comic book cosplayer, but here's the thing: this will be my first year EVER at Comic-Con.  After years and years of yearning, I finally get to go!

I will be at the convention Friday-Sunday.  If you want to make sure you see me, send me a comment/email/Tweet and we'll set something up.

Costume Schedule:
Fri: New 52 Catwoman
Sat: Merida
Sun: Black Canary

Maybe I'll see ya there! ;)

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Black Widow/Natasha Romanova Photos!

Hi everybody!  I got together with photographer extraordinaire Alex Rothauser a few weeks ago to shoot for my donation rewards and we decided to throw in a little extra - new Black Widow photos!  I'm totally in love with all of them.  Just sayin.


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Monday, July 2, 2012

Up-Close and Personal with Faith Connors

So being that I was the one to announce the Random Encounters birthday party (ref) - it seemed only fitting I go in a video game related cosplay.  As I didn't have much time to prepare, I picked a simple design that I could put together quickly.  Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge seemed like a logical choice since I could get away without having to purchase a wig and could find or alter most of her costume pieces.

I started with a black tank top I found at a local thrift store to which I added two stripes of white bias tape on either side:

The pants were white windbreaker material workout pants I found at the same thrift store.

I also found the shoes there.  They aren't exact to Faith's, but I'll be altering them in the near future using leather paint (I'll include a tutorial).

The elbow guard was two rectangles of black stretch material sewn together.

The glove was made using a downloadable pattern from a website I've since lost the link to >< and I just cut the fingers off:

I took some pieces of thin black elastic and bound the ankles of the pants tightly, pulling the tufts of fabric out and that brought the whole thing together.

Finally, I moved on to the makeup:

and Faith's iconic tattoo... which failed miserably... no matter how many ways I tried... I was sad...

BUT I'll keep trying and when I find a method of transferring the image that works, you'll get a wicked tutorial out of it!  Promise.

You can see my costume in action from the party in the following videos:

RE birthday party karaoke
The Best We Can Be live
RE birthday party presents
RE birthday party vlog 1
RE birthday party vlog 2
Angi vlog update

After the party, I kidnapped my friend (and ride) Shawn to take a few photos at my place.  I must warn you - they're pretty awesome - aside from my totally lame game tie-in ;)  (props if you catch on)

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Merida goes to see Brave

As I mentioned, I saw Brave opening weekend at my local theater (AMC Burbank 16) this past weekend and LOVED it.

I went with a friend of mine to a special Dolby Atmos screening and debuted my Merida cosplay.  I'd been working on my Scottish accent and made sure to get into character before we arrived.

I was a bit disappointed with the reaction from my screening's audience.  I only had 2 people ask to take photos and a handful even recognize who I was.  I did have one adorable little boy behind me on line who was terrified of my hair.  Poor thing.

After the screening, I was asked by one of the Dolby employees if they could take a picture and the insanity started.

I was asked by a number of groups before I left the theater to take pictures.  When I finally made it outside, my friend stopped to take a photo of me on the stairs with the giant Brave poster in the background and I wound up with line after line of little kids asking to take pictures.

I love doing things like this for kids, so I was happy as a clam.  I had a little conversation with each one and then took the photo.  I also had a few grownups ask.

One little ball of energy ran up wearing a Brave shirt and jumped with excitement for a while (video on YouTube):

One group of lively teen/young adult ladies were blown away by my accent, claiming I was "perfect":

**You can see these girls' adorable reactions to my appearance in the top right towards the end of the above video**

One sweet little girl stood around and had a whole 10 minute conversation about archery and Angus (the horse) and Scotland.  She asked where my mother was and why I didn't bring my bow and various other little movie-related questions.

I even had a cheerful older gentleman approach for his photo stating that his daughter insists these things are "childish", but he didn't agree (nor did I) ;)

One of my photographers happened to be a blogger himself and asked my permission to use the photo in a review he'll be writing for the movie (I'll link you all when it goes up).  It was lovely to meet you, Sam Fernandez.

After the excitement calmed down, I walked to the mall where I visited the ladies' room and encountered a poor little girl who was afraid of being flushed down the toilet.  I encouraged her through the stall wall to be brave and when we both exited I learned she had seen the movie the previous day and was extremely excited to see me.

this poor little angel was so shy, but we got along just fine by the end of it

check my mad bottle holding skillz lol

it was the girl in greens' birthday! I'm so happy to have been able to celebrate with her :)

If you happen to be one of the people pictured in this post or took a photo with (or of) me at the AMC Burbank 16 on June 23, please let me know so I can credit you accordingly (or add your photo).

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brave: A Dream Come True

I've always had a thing for red-heads.  I've been drawn to them for as long as I can remember - from Ariel to Jessica Rabbit to Jean Grey to Alanna to Poison Ivy and on and on.  For whatever reason I relate to them the strongest.  They're always the headstrong, powerful, do-it-yourself women I want to be.

I tell you this to emphasize how long I waited for a character like Merida.  She is everything I ever dreamed I could be and most of who I am today - all the way down to the archery at age 5, Clydesdale as preferred means of transportation and clashing mother-daughter relationship.

I cannot express to you with enough fervency how perfect Brave was in the end.  I won't deny that the story is a bit predictable and doesn't offer much in the way of new material, but it doesn't need to.  At it's base, Brave is the story of a mother and daughter struggling to relate to and change each other to fit their own image and in turn growing and maturing as women.

I don't need to tell you that in a world where women are still fighting for equality and our children are growing up with diminishing positive media, we needed a film like Brave - A film that not only inspires young girls to stand up for themselves and fight for their own futures, but to learn from their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

In addition, the film is expertly crafted - would you expect less from Pixar?  The sweeping views of the Scottish landscape are breathtaking and the attention to detail is incredible - as an archer myself, I loved seeing Merida line up her shot and breathe through it and then that beautiful arrow sway as it flew through the air.

I saw Brave in our new Dolby Atmos theater and was very impressed with the sound.  I was completely immersed in the film from the first audio cue and forgot everything around me until it ended.  If you've got one near you, I highly recommend checking it out.

As always, I recommend against the 3D.  It didn't detract from the film at all, but I didn't find it added anything either, so if you're on a budget, save the money and go see it in 2D.  I assure you, you're not missing anything.

Final thoughts:

The opening short was adorable - make sure you don't miss it.  Not only was it yet another incredible example of storytelling without the use of dialogue, but it was extremely appropriate to the theme of the film - family.

Make sure you stay through the credits.  You won't miss anything important if you don't, but there is a cute little scene at the end.

I had an AMAZING time at the movie.  Thank you Jonathan Johns and Robert Wilson for your donations.  I couldn't have done it without you.

I hope you all get to see it soon and enjoy it as much as I did.  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Who is Faith Connors?

Faith Connors is the main character from the EA video game Mirror's Edge - a first person free-running/parkour action-adventure for PC, XBox and PS3 released in 2008.

Mirror's Edge takes place in a futuristic dystopian society where a totalitarian government has taken control.  Faith's mother was a protestor killed in a riot against the government.  When Faith was 16, she left her now-alcoholic father and sister Kate to make her own way.

She lived on the streets for many years, relying on thievery to survive.  When she breaks into the home of ex-Runner Mercury, he takes her under his wing and trains her in the art of being a Runner.

Runners are part of an underground courier service that operates illegally as a means of transporting confidential documents without drawing attention from the government.  Each Runner is trained in the art of free-running to ensure their ability to operate stealthily throughout the city.

At 24, Faith is sent on a training mission by Mercury to trail an item.  She encounters another Runner who is carrying photos of her father and visits her sister - who is now training to become a CPF Officer - to find answers.  Faith follows leads to a building where a man is waiting for her father to kill him for having an affair with her mother.

She finally finds her father, but is ultimately shot and decides to take a break from Running until she heals.

Mirror's Edge picks up with Faith returning to Running after her arm heals.

On her first run, she is attacked and returns to Mercury's hideout to lay low.  While she waits for Mercury to return with information on the reason for her attack, she overhears CPF chatter that leads her to believe her sister may be in danger.  She arrives on the scene to discover evidence that her sister is being set up for a murder.

The game tells the story of Faith's search to prove her sister's innocence.  I won't ruin it for you, cuz for all that the game needed a bit more flushing out, I do actually recommend at least renting it and playing through once.  It's a pretty short game ;)


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

See my Yuna cosplay in action

in "One Winged Office" - Random Encounters' newest music video featuring everyone's favorite video game villian - Sephiroth!

I'm so glad I got to work with Peter and AJ again and I can't wait to do it again!

Check out the video, enjoy the shots of me at 00:50 and 01:47, listen for my beautiful voice (those super high notes are all me, baby!) and tell Random Encounters you want more Angi!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Avengers

So by now most of you have seen The Avengers and no doubt loved it as I did, because how could you not?

My only complaint with the film was a moment of Hollywood show-boating in the form of an Iron Man-Thor penis-measuring contest towards the beginning.  Seriously?  I won't deny it started out entertaining and ended epically, but around the middle I went "wait a second... are we still doing this?"  *shakes head*

Aside from that, I was blown away - and I went in with extremely high expectations.  The script was exceptional and the performances were spot-on.

I was really impressed with the way they wrote in everyone's appearances so that even someone like my parents who hadn't seen all the previous films could catch on quickly and follow along without hiccup.  *GASP*  Just like the old comics!  That's right!  Back in the heyday of comic books, you could pick up any old issue of a series and be able to catch the story and understand the characters while still including nods to the long-time readers to make them feel special.

Which brings me to the surprise at the end - Thanos  <<-- SPOILER!!!!!

I've had COUNTLESS people approach me since seeing the film to ask who the heck this random character is and I could not be happier.  The inclusion of this cameo was a display of love to die-hard Marvel fanatics like myself and opened the door to a whole slew of newbies who are now passionately interested in finding out more about this character and his story.

I'll try to write a "Who Is" post on this character in the near future, but for now, here's a nice little summary from MTV Geek to tide you over.

*by the way, the second after credits sequence is totally skip-able and I honestly felt a little jipped for having sat through my chance at a bathroom stall to watch it...

As to my experience - seeing the movie at the El Capitan was AMAZING and I highly recommend dropping the extra $$$ to see it there if you can.  Stan Lee's collection is inspiring and the atmosphere is incredible - granted I go to a lot of movies there, but this was a grand time and seeing Stan Lee's collection is worth the price of admission alone.

I went with my friends Shawn, Jon and Peter.  Shawn and Jon didn't cosplay, but they did wear Avengers-related shirts and Peter dressed as Solid Snake from Random Encounters' The Best We Can Be and he got a TON of attention for it.  It was pretty awesome.

I got a lot of attention from "press" and other theater-goers for my Black Widow costume - even though the only people that used my footage was the El Capitan video - thank you again mysterious editor man for using me!  I met another cosplayer who had put together an amazing movie Black Widow and looked just like Scarlett Johansson - like freakily so... o.O - and she only beat me out in the costume contest cuz of her sweet martial arts moves... stoopid heels... ><

Seriously, though, she looked amazing and totally deserved to win and the prize was a license plate cover anyway and I don't have a car, so it all worked out! Thank you crazy lady who drove me off the road!  Wait...

To make the night even better (seriously?  Like it could be!)  Clark Gregg - who plays Agent Coulson in the films - surprised us all before the film started and I won't lie - it was pretty awesome

Well.  Now that I've wasted half a page rambling about how FREAKING AWESOME THE AVENGERS WAS!!!!!!  Here are my photos from the night:

Seriously, though - if you don't know why I went with Solid Snake YOU NEED TO WATCH THE BEST WE CAN BE

me and the Hulk - aka Jon

rockin' our 3D glasses - Peter's being a creeper in the background

me and Peter on the right.  WOOT!

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