Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The most amazing picture of Merida you will ever see

Hello darlings,

So I did a photoshoot in the woods recently with the amazing Jonathon D. Courtot so I could get some quality shots of my Merida cosplay to share with you guys.  There are some AMAZING shots coming, but I have one here that deserves special mention.

Our location featured a small waterfall (a rare find in Los Angeles) and for our last shot of the day, we waded into the lake to stand below it and Jon, genius that he is, framed it to include the top of the waterfall, thinking we could do something interesting with it later.  And so, I picked out my favorites and sent them to the ever-remarkable Alex Rothauser for retouching and he came back with this:

Alex added the bear and will-o-the-wisps in addition to color correcting the whole thing to make it beautiful and as close to the movie as possible.  Alex and Jon are amazing and I cannot thank them enough for making this happen.

Stay tuned for more recent photoshoots and check out my YouTube channel for new videos.

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