Friday, February 17, 2012

Here goes nothin'...

Hi!  My name is Angi and I am a cosplayer.  This is my first blog, so bear with me...

I guess I'll start with an introduction.  My whole life, there is nothing I have loved more than dressing up in costumes.  I feel more myself when I'm all decked out than in anything else.  My mom used to make them and I helped as I got older, but my passions and interests shifted as I got older.  I used to be overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin, but hey, losing 60+ pounds sure can change a girl!  It was around that time that I received my first sewing machine and started making costumes again.  Long story short, it's all I want to do anymore.

As I started coming into my own as a cosplayer over the past few years, I began to realize how few of us there are that specialize in comic books.  It's all video games and anime.  Not that I don't enjoy the occasional Sailor Moon episode or Smash Brothers match, but I'm a comic book geek at heart and I always will be (also Disney, but that's another niche for another day).  I also noticed that there are very few solid resources for assistance in making costumes.  Want to know how to starch a hat?  Better hope you understand what that one random guy said in a forum.  Want to know what the back of Rapunzel's dress looks like?  I sure hope you have the patience to search through 60 pages of images on Google.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and patience in finding the resources I need to make ACCURATE costumes.  I started this blog (and connected Youtube) in the hopes of creating a resource for cosplayers as well as nerdy guys (and girls).  With each costume I premiere, I will release information on the character, detailed images, resources used, tips, and a character video on Youtube as well as regular progress updates (making sure not to leave out any mistakes, errors or hangups I come across).

I want this to be a resource, so suggestions are always welcome, as well as requests.  I'll post a list eventually of characters I plan on doing and check them off as I go, but I want to hear what my audience wants to see as well.  So send me messages, emails, comments, videos, whatever and let me know what you think and what you want to see.  My goal is to make you happy ;).

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