Monday, July 2, 2012

Up-Close and Personal with Faith Connors

So being that I was the one to announce the Random Encounters birthday party (ref) - it seemed only fitting I go in a video game related cosplay.  As I didn't have much time to prepare, I picked a simple design that I could put together quickly.  Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge seemed like a logical choice since I could get away without having to purchase a wig and could find or alter most of her costume pieces.

I started with a black tank top I found at a local thrift store to which I added two stripes of white bias tape on either side:

The pants were white windbreaker material workout pants I found at the same thrift store.

I also found the shoes there.  They aren't exact to Faith's, but I'll be altering them in the near future using leather paint (I'll include a tutorial).

The elbow guard was two rectangles of black stretch material sewn together.

The glove was made using a downloadable pattern from a website I've since lost the link to >< and I just cut the fingers off:

I took some pieces of thin black elastic and bound the ankles of the pants tightly, pulling the tufts of fabric out and that brought the whole thing together.

Finally, I moved on to the makeup:

and Faith's iconic tattoo... which failed miserably... no matter how many ways I tried... I was sad...

BUT I'll keep trying and when I find a method of transferring the image that works, you'll get a wicked tutorial out of it!  Promise.

You can see my costume in action from the party in the following videos:

RE birthday party karaoke
The Best We Can Be live
RE birthday party presents
RE birthday party vlog 1
RE birthday party vlog 2
Angi vlog update

After the party, I kidnapped my friend (and ride) Shawn to take a few photos at my place.  I must warn you - they're pretty awesome - aside from my totally lame game tie-in ;)  (props if you catch on)

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