Monday, June 25, 2012

Who is Faith Connors?

Faith Connors is the main character from the EA video game Mirror's Edge - a first person free-running/parkour action-adventure for PC, XBox and PS3 released in 2008.

Mirror's Edge takes place in a futuristic dystopian society where a totalitarian government has taken control.  Faith's mother was a protestor killed in a riot against the government.  When Faith was 16, she left her now-alcoholic father and sister Kate to make her own way.

She lived on the streets for many years, relying on thievery to survive.  When she breaks into the home of ex-Runner Mercury, he takes her under his wing and trains her in the art of being a Runner.

Runners are part of an underground courier service that operates illegally as a means of transporting confidential documents without drawing attention from the government.  Each Runner is trained in the art of free-running to ensure their ability to operate stealthily throughout the city.

At 24, Faith is sent on a training mission by Mercury to trail an item.  She encounters another Runner who is carrying photos of her father and visits her sister - who is now training to become a CPF Officer - to find answers.  Faith follows leads to a building where a man is waiting for her father to kill him for having an affair with her mother.

She finally finds her father, but is ultimately shot and decides to take a break from Running until she heals.

Mirror's Edge picks up with Faith returning to Running after her arm heals.

On her first run, she is attacked and returns to Mercury's hideout to lay low.  While she waits for Mercury to return with information on the reason for her attack, she overhears CPF chatter that leads her to believe her sister may be in danger.  She arrives on the scene to discover evidence that her sister is being set up for a murder.

The game tells the story of Faith's search to prove her sister's innocence.  I won't ruin it for you, cuz for all that the game needed a bit more flushing out, I do actually recommend at least renting it and playing through once.  It's a pretty short game ;)


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