Friday, June 29, 2012

Merida goes to see Brave

As I mentioned, I saw Brave opening weekend at my local theater (AMC Burbank 16) this past weekend and LOVED it.

I went with a friend of mine to a special Dolby Atmos screening and debuted my Merida cosplay.  I'd been working on my Scottish accent and made sure to get into character before we arrived.

I was a bit disappointed with the reaction from my screening's audience.  I only had 2 people ask to take photos and a handful even recognize who I was.  I did have one adorable little boy behind me on line who was terrified of my hair.  Poor thing.

After the screening, I was asked by one of the Dolby employees if they could take a picture and the insanity started.

I was asked by a number of groups before I left the theater to take pictures.  When I finally made it outside, my friend stopped to take a photo of me on the stairs with the giant Brave poster in the background and I wound up with line after line of little kids asking to take pictures.

I love doing things like this for kids, so I was happy as a clam.  I had a little conversation with each one and then took the photo.  I also had a few grownups ask.

One little ball of energy ran up wearing a Brave shirt and jumped with excitement for a while (video on YouTube):

One group of lively teen/young adult ladies were blown away by my accent, claiming I was "perfect":

**You can see these girls' adorable reactions to my appearance in the top right towards the end of the above video**

One sweet little girl stood around and had a whole 10 minute conversation about archery and Angus (the horse) and Scotland.  She asked where my mother was and why I didn't bring my bow and various other little movie-related questions.

I even had a cheerful older gentleman approach for his photo stating that his daughter insists these things are "childish", but he didn't agree (nor did I) ;)

One of my photographers happened to be a blogger himself and asked my permission to use the photo in a review he'll be writing for the movie (I'll link you all when it goes up).  It was lovely to meet you, Sam Fernandez.

After the excitement calmed down, I walked to the mall where I visited the ladies' room and encountered a poor little girl who was afraid of being flushed down the toilet.  I encouraged her through the stall wall to be brave and when we both exited I learned she had seen the movie the previous day and was extremely excited to see me.

this poor little angel was so shy, but we got along just fine by the end of it

check my mad bottle holding skillz lol

it was the girl in greens' birthday! I'm so happy to have been able to celebrate with her :)

If you happen to be one of the people pictured in this post or took a photo with (or of) me at the AMC Burbank 16 on June 23, please let me know so I can credit you accordingly (or add your photo).

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  1. I see you're doing your part in making everyone smile :) I don't "like" this. I LOVE THIS! ^_^ You're so awesome!

    1. That is so sweet! ^-^ I do what I can.