Monday, May 21, 2012

The Avengers

So by now most of you have seen The Avengers and no doubt loved it as I did, because how could you not?

My only complaint with the film was a moment of Hollywood show-boating in the form of an Iron Man-Thor penis-measuring contest towards the beginning.  Seriously?  I won't deny it started out entertaining and ended epically, but around the middle I went "wait a second... are we still doing this?"  *shakes head*

Aside from that, I was blown away - and I went in with extremely high expectations.  The script was exceptional and the performances were spot-on.

I was really impressed with the way they wrote in everyone's appearances so that even someone like my parents who hadn't seen all the previous films could catch on quickly and follow along without hiccup.  *GASP*  Just like the old comics!  That's right!  Back in the heyday of comic books, you could pick up any old issue of a series and be able to catch the story and understand the characters while still including nods to the long-time readers to make them feel special.

Which brings me to the surprise at the end - Thanos  <<-- SPOILER!!!!!

I've had COUNTLESS people approach me since seeing the film to ask who the heck this random character is and I could not be happier.  The inclusion of this cameo was a display of love to die-hard Marvel fanatics like myself and opened the door to a whole slew of newbies who are now passionately interested in finding out more about this character and his story.

I'll try to write a "Who Is" post on this character in the near future, but for now, here's a nice little summary from MTV Geek to tide you over.

*by the way, the second after credits sequence is totally skip-able and I honestly felt a little jipped for having sat through my chance at a bathroom stall to watch it...

As to my experience - seeing the movie at the El Capitan was AMAZING and I highly recommend dropping the extra $$$ to see it there if you can.  Stan Lee's collection is inspiring and the atmosphere is incredible - granted I go to a lot of movies there, but this was a grand time and seeing Stan Lee's collection is worth the price of admission alone.

I went with my friends Shawn, Jon and Peter.  Shawn and Jon didn't cosplay, but they did wear Avengers-related shirts and Peter dressed as Solid Snake from Random Encounters' The Best We Can Be and he got a TON of attention for it.  It was pretty awesome.

I got a lot of attention from "press" and other theater-goers for my Black Widow costume - even though the only people that used my footage was the El Capitan video - thank you again mysterious editor man for using me!  I met another cosplayer who had put together an amazing movie Black Widow and looked just like Scarlett Johansson - like freakily so... o.O - and she only beat me out in the costume contest cuz of her sweet martial arts moves... stoopid heels... ><

Seriously, though, she looked amazing and totally deserved to win and the prize was a license plate cover anyway and I don't have a car, so it all worked out! Thank you crazy lady who drove me off the road!  Wait...

To make the night even better (seriously?  Like it could be!)  Clark Gregg - who plays Agent Coulson in the films - surprised us all before the film started and I won't lie - it was pretty awesome

Well.  Now that I've wasted half a page rambling about how FREAKING AWESOME THE AVENGERS WAS!!!!!!  Here are my photos from the night:

Seriously, though - if you don't know why I went with Solid Snake YOU NEED TO WATCH THE BEST WE CAN BE

me and the Hulk - aka Jon

rockin' our 3D glasses - Peter's being a creeper in the background

me and Peter on the right.  WOOT!

CosPlay with me

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