Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Widow: the gauntlets

Next we move on to one of Black Widow's most iconic costume pieces; her gauntlets:

In the comics, Black Widow's gauntlets house her rope so she can swing around like Spidey and power her Widow's Bite (an electrical charge used to incapacitate enemies) and have been a Black Widow costume staple since their introduction in 1965.

Similar to the belt, I started with AMACO red terracotta clay, wax paper, fishing line, a small screw and a thick screw.

I covered my work space with wax paper and cut slices of clay with the fishing line.  I rolled each piece into a "snake" about 4 1/2 inches long and 3/4 inch thick.  I rounded the ends and smoothed each out with water and then drew lines around the form with the small screw; one about 2 inches from the end and one about 3/8 inch away from one end, then I poked two holes with the large screw about an inch away from either side (I swirled the screw around a bit to make sure the holes were well formed since the clay shrinks a bit when it dries).

Then they just needed three coats of FolkArt #660 "Metallic Pure Gold" and thin elastic strung between them and they were done:

In retrospect, I would probably have liked to use something a bit lighter since each gauntlet weighed about 3 pounds and I would definitely spray them with the gloss like I did the belt because the paint got weak in the heat and pieces started to stick together and the paint is currently peeling, but only 2 cylinders broke:

so I'd call them a success!

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