Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angi on Chris Nolan's Catwoman

The hot topic on everyone's lips these days is Chris Nolan's final Batman chapter due out this summer: The Dark Knight Rises, the most anticipated aspect being Nolan's portrayal of everyone's favorite villianess Catwoman.

Now we're all aware that Nolan has fought long and hard to create a realistic depiction of the famous characters of the Batman series.  Well, I'm sorry to say, Mr. Nolan, but so far your depiction of Catwoman has been anything but realistic, so I've taken the liberty of designing a Catwoman much better suited to survive in the real world.  I hope you find it enlightening.

CosPlay with me


  1. That made me laugh! Thank you. I did notice that in "Batman Returns" the shots of Catwoman doing acrobatics were always substituted by a stunt double who was NOT wearing four-inch stilettos!

  2. haha *bows* thank you. I had to do something to make a statement about the horrible things happening to my favorite comic book character! ;)