Friday, April 13, 2012

The Sad Story of the Wands...

So keeping with the trend of Harry Potter posts, I figured I'd tell you a little story about a crazed fangirl and her dream of owning a collection of Harry Potter wands.

Reading the books, the characters I resonated strongest with were all Blacks: Sirius, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa and Tonks.  I laid out a wonderful plan for the last few films to bring my favorites to life: Narcissa for HBP:

Narcissa (Black) Malfoy

What the newspaper clipping in HPB SHOULD have looked like - the amazing Alex as Draco

 Tonks for DHpt1 (I'll post photos when I retake some cuz I looked nasty) and Bellatrix for DHpt2.

While I brought these characters to life for the movie premieres, I dreamed a dream of collecting the wands of the Black sisters (Andromeda, Narcissa and Bellatrix).  Someday I'll get Tonks too, but that will be a day with money and when I'm done mourning the loss of my dream...

So finally I made it to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando!

What better place could there be to stock up on Harry Potter wand replicas than Ollivander's at the official home of Harry Potter fans!

Ollivander walks through his shop

Now what you may not know if you haven't been to the park is that you can see Ollivander and have him select a wand for you - that is if you desire to stand on line for 10 hours to have him ask you when your birthday is and hand you a wand pre-selected for that date range.

I chose the other option - the shop out back.  It was like replica heaven!  They had everything - from remembralls to time turners to collections of the main characters wands.  The walls were packed full of boxes lined with cloth each holding a wand just waiting to be selected.  I debated picking up a unique wand, but remembered my dream and made my way to the movie replicas wall where I found such wands as Cho Chang, the whole Malfoy family, Neville Longbottom and Voldemort, but try as I might, Bellatrix was nowhere to be found.  I asked the clerk to find that they don't sell it.  THEY DON'T SELL IT!  As my brain shut down with disappointment:

Angi makes her sad face as she surveys her diminishing options of magical replica happiness

My wonderful mommy encouraged me to pick up Narcissa's wand since I probably couldn't find it anywhere else and bought me another Butterbeer to lift my spirits.  And so, I left the park with a tummy full of Butterbeer and the first wand of my collection:

When I started prepping for DHpt2, another opportunity arose.  I didn't feel right carrying "my sister's" wand around, so I decided to pick up a Bellatrix replica.  I was quite picky about it.  She has 2 versions: a bent wand that comes in replica form on a display wall mount and a straight style that comes in carry-able form.  I searched EVERYWHERE for the boxed version.  Nothing.  I was desperate.  A few days before the film, I contacted Blast From the Past and was blown away by how quickly they responded to my problem.  Within moments, they had a wand on the way and the next day it was in stock in the store.  About $30 later, I had the second wand of my collection:

The world was looking up!  The progress I'd made made up for the lack of Lestrange wand at Ollivander's and now it was just a waiting game until the new movie came out and I could pick up the last wand in the collection...

I assume you've all seen the movie by now.

WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  As a filmmaker, I understand the choice to cut Andromeda.  She was only featured in a few pages of the book and did little else.  As a collector, I am devastated. 

And so, dear followers and fellow HP lovers, poor, sad Angi will never complete her collection or fulfill her dream of cosplaying all 3 sisters and composeting them all together into a group shot with official replica wands in hand...  :(  *cries in corner*

CosPlay with me

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