Friday, March 16, 2012

No turning back now...

Alrighty.  Into the thick of it.  I promised a new post this week and a new post you shall have!

I just moved into a new apartment!  I LOVE IT!  It's a 2 bedroom with 2 floors and a garage!  And I get the whole second room to myself for sewing!  Yay!  Pumpkin (my chichi) is happy as a clam.  He's running and slipping all overt the wood floors and spends all day staring out the screen door.  Ah... to be a dog...  Maybe I'll post a tour if you ask nicely :)

Anyway, my buddies over at Random Encounters are in the process of making THE GREATEST VIDEO EVER!  Featuring me!  O.o

They just posted on Tumblr about the video a few days ago (for which I unfortunately do not have a release date for just yet ><), but I can tell you I just rerecorded the song (which sounds amazing BTW) and I am very excited to see the final piece!  As should you be!

I had promised them I'd have more content here so people can get all excited about the awesomeness that will be our now and future collaborations, but alas, moving consumes your life.  Especially when you have to do it yourself.  While be bombarded with extra work from your boss.  ><

But there is a silver lining.  I am here before you now with less hours at work and a room to myself for cosplay and I WILL be more active; though for the time being, you'll have to suffice with photos of old costumes... sorry. (they're really good, though.  I promise.)

Today, I'm featuring photos of Princess Toadstool (Peach).  You'll see when I finally get my first video up on my YouTube that I have lost a considerable amount of weight since this shoot, so that's very exciting (for me at least).

For now, though, you get...


I know, I know.  You're so excited, right?  Stay tuned for "Up-Close and Personal with Princess Toadstool"...

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