Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hail Hydra

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some exciting news for you. Viper is going to be in The Wolverine due out this summer. What's that? You knew that already? Well did you also know that her costume is stunning and I went through the painstaking process of figuring out what it looked like and putting it all together? No? WELL I DID AND IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!

I love Viper. She's awesome. And I'm insanely excited for the new Wolverine movie, so as soon as images started leaking, I began collecting materials and I am happy to say it all finally paid off. The night the trailer was released, I started construction. Two days later, I debuted this bad boy at WonderCon with my good friend Lon Brown (who is literally the greatest movie Wolverine cosplayer ever) and you all get to reap the benefits! So, without further ado, I give to you the first ever cosplay of Viper from The Wolverine.


There's lots more where that came from, everybody!  Feel free to spread this image around and get the hype going for The Wolverine!!!!

CosPlay with me...

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